Rev. Andriy Dudkevych (Pastor/Administrator)
Every year Father Andriy Dudkevych, pastor of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Passaic, NJ, treats the altar servers of the church to a fun-filled trip. This is done in gratitude for the boys’ dedication, devotion, and participation during liturgies, molebens, and all other church services. On Wednesday, June 12, 2013 the altar servers attended a NJ Jackals baseball game. During the game, Fr. Andriy treated the boys to cold drinks and ice cream. Some boys equipped with mitts caught foul balls, others were given free baseballs, and most had their picture taken with Jack the Jackal, the mascot. With the exception of some mild sunburn, an enjoyable afternoon was had by all!


Sr. Eliane Ilnitski, S.S.M.I. (Principal)
I have been working in the American province since April 2005, coming to the US from our province in Brazil. In August 2010 I transferred from our Province in Brazil to become a member of the American Province.  I have been in the community of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate since 1996 and I am the oldest of four girls.
My vocation is the fruit of my mom’s prayers.  She always wanted to be a sister but never met nor had contact with sisters, thus she got married.  She prayed, asking God to call one of her daughters to religious life.  My mom was very sick and was hospitalized twice before I was born. She prayed each day, becoming stronger and promising if this child should be chosen and called, she would not refuse God. This I never knew until after my final vows.
I grew up with the sisters, watching them at work, in church, and working with families. I attended school for seven years with the sisters. Being in the presence of the sisters and working with them, along with the prayers of my family, helped to foster my vocation, also helping me to grow in my faith.  Today I am very happy being an SSMI.
In 2005, I was invited by my community to go to the US to learn to sew priestly and episcopal vestments. These years have been a blessing for me.  I am grateful to God and to my Superiors for the opportunity to be here, meeting wonderful people, learning a new culture and language, making others happy and serving “where the need is the greatest.”  I am glad when I see others happy with my service and through this service God is showing His love.  I cannot do anything without His hand guiding me to follow His will. 
Everyday I thank God for being alive and able to walk, to breathe, to pray, to think, to laugh, to work and I thank Him especially for my vocation.
I enjoy teaching and sewing. My hobby is to listen to the birds and soft music. My favorite things are: fresh salad and a Brazilian barbecue (churrasco), roses, volleyball, basketball, and music by Celine Dion.


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

A sincere welcome to parents and students of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School. We are glad to have you as a part of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School family during this 2021-2022 school year. We look forward to providing a quality education with an accent on respect and dedication following the ideals of Jesus Christ.
The pages of the handbook are filled with important information regarding school policy and procedures.

I suggest that parents and students review the contents together. If you have questions that remain unanswered after reading the handbook, please call the school office. We feel that an open communication between school and home is important to the success of our spiritual and educational program.
We welcome your participation and support during the school year and solicit your active membership in the PTA. Working together, we will be able to reach our collective and individual goals. We look forward to celebrating with you the achievements of our students.

Sincerely in Christ,
Sr. Eliane Ilnitski, SSMI

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Mrs. Olha Verkholiak (Pre-Kindergarten)

Mrs. Lydia Loukachouk (Kindergarten)

Ms. Nicole Dubiel (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Patricia Balzarek (Grade 1)

Mrs. Pamela Mallet (Grade 2)

Mrs. Karen Savarese (Grade 3 - (Grade 3 and Grade 5 Social Studies) )

Mrs. Kristine Cade (Grade 4 and Grade 6 Social Studies)

Mr. John D. Wissner (Homeroom Teacher Grade 5 - (L.A Grade 5 and Science Grades 5 -8))

(Homeroom Teacher Grade 6 - (Math. 5 - 8))

Mr. John F. King (Homeroom Teacher Grade 7 (L.A and S.S. Grade 7 and L.A Grade 6))

Mrs. Sonia Lechicky (Homeroom Teacher Grade 8 , Language Arts, Social Studies for Grades 6 & 8 / Vice-Principal)

Ms. Irene Lesiw (Administrative Assistant)

Sr Cecelia Sworin, S.S.M.I. (Religion Teacher - Grades 1-8)

Mrs. Mariya Dudkevych (Kindergarten Teacher's Aide - Ukrainian K - 4)

Mrs. Nadia Tytla (Gym Teacher)

Mrs. Oksana Hutsal (Computer and Ukrainian(Grades 5-8) Teacher)

Mrs. Olesia Hryvnak (Music)

Ms. Alicia Max (Comp Ed. SI, and ESL)

Ms. Sarah Schorr (Comp Ed. and SI)

Mrs. Olia Yarkun (Special Education Teacher's Aid)

Ms. (3:1 Paraprofessional)

Mrs. Courtney Arment Delli Paoli (Speech)

Mr. Anatolii Dolyk (Custodian / Groundskeeper)

Ms. Shira Ledermen (Nurse)