The stated tuition and education fees at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School for the given year do not cover the total cost for the education of a given student. Every student’s tuition is subsidized by the parish collections.

Fund raising and participation in the PTA is a necessity for all parents. A school contract outlining your required participation is to be signed by every family.

1. School FeesRegistration for the following school year is to be paid in March. Consumable fees are to be paid in June. A child may also lose her/his placement in the classroom setting if registration is not paid. Registration and Consumable fees are non-refundable.

2. School TuitionTuition payments will be spread over a ten-month period. Tuition is due the 17th of the month. Payments occurring after the 17th of the month will be subject to a twenty dollar ($20) late fee.

Nonpayment of financial obligations will cause educational services for the student to be suspended, and transcripts/report cards will not be issued.