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With ever growing problems of classroom overcrowding and the closing of more and more local schools each year, parents are faced with a serious question that stirs emotions and fills them with concern… "Where will our children go to school next year?" This topic deserves careful consideration because our children are such a vital part of our lives and we of theirs. Maybe you should consider an opportunity that you may not know exists.

With over 70 years of history behind its brick facade. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Schoolis conveniently located near the city line of Passaic and Clifton, NJ, within minutes of major New Jersey roads such as Interstate 80, Route 46 and the Garden State Parkway. Our school is staffed with highly educated, qualified teachers and the sisters from the order of Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. Our facilities include spacious air-conditioned classrooms, cafateria with full lunch program daily, outdoor and indoor recreation areas and a computer lab.

Offering more than just conveniences of a truly modern facility, our curriculum is based on time-proven principles of a Catholic education with the added benefits of Ukrainian heritage and culture. It is our firm conviction that children are the heritage of Our Lord Jesus Christ, given to us as gifts from God, requiring instruction from birth regarding the most important issues of life. With the help of a Catholic education that instills life-affirming values, we make a lasting impression on your child. When children are taught properly at an early age, statistics prove that they will continue in a similar fashion throughout their adult lives.

At St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School, your child will enjoy a safe, orderly and respectful environment that is centered around Christian beliefs and Ukrainian tradition.

One of a select few Ukrainian Catholic schools remaining in the northeastern United States, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School has a proven track record with a vast majority of its graduates continuing on to higher education and, equally important, many of them remaining active in Ukrainian Catholic communities. Class size is kept low, so that the student-teacher ratio is under 10:1 and rarely 15:1.

Besides the core requirements of elementary education. St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School supplements its curriculum with religious studies, music, and computer classes (starting as early as Kindergarten) as well as a full program of Ukrainian language, history and culture for the Ukrainian speaking student, and Ukrainian as a second language for others.

An "after school" program is available, offering extra-curricular activities at an additional fee for those students requiring extra care to accommodate transportation problems.

"An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge."
(Proverbs 18:15)

Read Statement of Goals

Our mission is to teach the Gospel of Jesus as fully proclaimed in the Catholic Church He founded. The end results of such teaching should be a deepening of one’s faith in Jesus Christ and a more ardent love for His Church.
The goals include creating an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for all of God’s creatures; to promote spiritual, academic, emotional, moral, social and physical development of the students so that the latter can accept themselves and face adversity with courage and endurance; offer religious experiences to enrich and deepen the students’ faith, leading to good value choices. The teachers also strive to develop educational skills necessary to make the students effective and responsible members of society working for the service of others. To enable students to attain these goals, St. Nicholas School will strive to:
•Create a Christian atmosphere of acceptance.
 • Promote the development of a positive self-image in the students.
 • Guide the development of self-discipline and respect for others by providing opportunities for responsible actions.
 • Provide for individual differences.
 • Instill wholesome attitudes in the students.
 • Promote religious development of the students.
 • Develop an appreciation for one’s background and traditions.
 • Develop positive home-school relations.
 • Help each child reach her/his fullest educational potential.
 • Implement a curriculum which promotes the Christian development of the whole child.
The Catholic School is an integral part of the parish because it participates in parish life and gives students a sense of belonging to the parish. The Catholic school in America has nurtured the faith of Jesus Christ in millions of women and men who have lived vibrantly Christian lives and have given themselves generously in America today. Scarcely a man or woman of the Church in America today has not benefited either directly or indirectly from the sacrifices of her or his fellow Christians in creating the Catholic school system. A full measure of gratitude is due to the dedicated teachers who have expressed their Christian vocation through the apostolate of Catholic education. All deserve the thanks of the Catholic community, especially the women religious whose resourceful leadership has been at the heart of the Catholic school effort in the United States throughout its history.